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Monday Link Love

30 of the best alternatives to Helvetica. (I like the weight of Chalet 1960)

Beautifully inspiring profile of chef Chris Kearse

Roundup of some great craft beer labels over at Paste (I love love love Westbrook!)

My favorite tribute to MCA by far

Is anyone else just not okay with the phrase “never trust a skinny cook” ? Me too. Here’s a nice bit about maintaining a semi-healthy diet while being a baker/cook.

I’m not sure I consider myself a writer, but I do try to become better at writing given the time constraints of blog posts: 25 Ways To Earn Your Audience. Please note number 25

“…the bride pictured was drinking a beer. FROM A BOTTLE. The horror.”

Hi beer blinis and pretty pictures


Pardon me while I drool over Cafe du Monde Coffee Ice Cream 

  1. G-LO says: May 22, 20122:36 am

    Once again, great stuff! Especially the Chris Kearse story. Having two little boys changes your perspective when you read stuff like that. I can’t even imagine what he and his family went through. Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Cheers and Happy Monday!

  2. Sarah says: May 22, 20121:00 pm

    Hi there—-thanks so much for the kind mention! Let me know if you try the blini. cheers! –S

  3. The Dude says: May 23, 20125:44 pm

    Glad you’re back in action. Your links are always quality (especially when they point at me…). Westbrook is a buddy of mine – used to bring homebrews to parties. Who’da thunk it? Their designers also do Sweeteeth http://sweeteethchocolate.com/ – which is right up your alley. We sell both of them in the beer/wine store where I work.

    I’m about to update my itsafuckingbeer links. Watch out for strange traffic…

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