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Monday Link Love

Gin and tonic cake. Sounds like summer to me!

World Beer Cup 2012 winners! Sun King, one of my favorite Indiana breweries took home awards in categories 41 with Dominator Dopplebock, #64 with The Velvet Frog, and #83 with Ring of Dingle.

I’m a little over mustaches (but not beards. Beards are forever). However, these are beautiful cards and beautiful colors.

How Adam Yauch grew into his voice

Never. Never will I ever understand Waffle Jello Shots. Blegh x 2.

In June I am travelling to Atlanta, and I AM SO EXCITED TO GO The Brick Store Pub. Bonus: there is a Belgian Beer Bar upstairs.

I’m smitten with Gimme Some Oven and these Blackberry Lime Margaritas

This Tumblr has made me laugh out loud so much over the last week

This is from way back in 2011, but it’s my favorite Joy the Baker post. I read it regularly for kicks of inspiration and confidence.

What does eating locally really mean anyway? “…our choices aren’t black and white; we can turn the contrast up or down, depending on what we value. And for me, the ground that something grows in is important, but so are the people who sell it to us, and the social structures we support by buying it from them.”

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  1. meganbetz says: May 7, 201212:52 pm

    I woke Joe up from laughing at that tumblr (especially the “when my bf tries to work from home” b/c our bunny does that daily). I am so happy you’re back on here, and I’m excited to hear more about your Master’s track.

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